Best Hibachi Volcano in Clarksville Contender 1

- Hananoki on Lowes Dr.  Chef- Big James.  Lunch time.  72 degrees. Wind out of east.


Since the first time I went to a Japanese Steakhouse or Hibachi grill, I have always been captivated by the volcano trick with the onion and the diesel fuel or whatever combustible substance they pour in the onion and subsequently on the food we eat.  The science is beyond my comprehension and to this day, I am amazed and delighted every time. 

Because of my love of fire and rice, I have set out to find who has the absolute best hibachi volcano in Clarksville Tn.  It won’t be easy and it will take a few months but I am dedicated to the challenge and have started already by visiting the Hananoki off Lowes Dr. 

Below is a video of the preparation of the onion.  I really like how Big James (the chef) takes the extra time to really press down on the bottom layer onto the grill in order to properly seal in the fuel and smoke.  This is professionalism.


Now for the good stuff.  Big James gasses up the onion and poof. 


Also, as an added bonus….he made lava.  Wow, I have never experienced the lava works before.  This will certainly set the bar high for the next contestant in March. 

On a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the best I have scored four elements of the perfect Hibachi Volcano.

Onion Prep- 8

Size of Blaze- 8

Amount of Lava – 9

Time of the whole experience 9

This is a high bar on the hibachi volcano experience and Big James deserves a lot of credit in the artistry and precision he used to create this natural wonder for me.

Also, as an added bonus here are the before and afters of the food that was brought to me.

Miso Soup at Hananoki- Before

Miso Soup After

Smoked Salmon Before

Smoked Salmon After

Chicken Before

Chicken After

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