Is Home Ownership Right for You?

Buying your first home is a BIG deal to most folks and this landmark decision should not be taken lightly or made without consideration of some very specific factors. While the mortgage company will certainly help you decide what you can comfortably afford, other financial factors like upkeep and maintenance are great considerations in the long term and big picture. Another key consideration is the mobility factor in the event you have to move unexpectedly for job or family reasons. Will selling without loosing money be an option? By no means are we out to scare anyone out of owning a home, we are just committed to ensuring that your best interest are covered and you are prepared financially and mentally to own. Be confident that our agents will be diligent in assessing your needs and helping you determine if ownership is the right move.

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Big Questions for First Time Buyers!

Is now the time to buy a home?

Sure you can get the puppy the old landlord wouldn't allow and Yes, you may paint a zebra theme in the living room now but what about the big picture. Will you be able and willing to spend the money needed to maintain the lawn? Can you afford to replace the water heater within a couple of days at any given time? Do you know who to call if your front window is busted? It sounds silly but these are things to consider.

What should you spend on the home?

Rest assured, the bank and mortgage companies are very interested in giving you a budget to shop with. Based on your income and the debt load you currently have, your loan officer will come up with the top dollar you can spend. That said, we often use the expression, “Just because you can, does that mean you should?” meaning that we take a conservative approach to buying because it allows for you to live comfortably and without the financial stress of being “House Poor”.

Wants and Needs?

Obviously the number of bedrooms and bathrooms as well as square footage are staples in narrowing down the right home for you. Other considerations are the proximity to work, school zones, shopping and so on. Many people desire a large lot with landscaping that requires attention, while some prefer having the lawn maintained for them as in the case of a condominium complex. How bout an HOA or Home Owners Association? Some feel that the rules and regulations are overbearing while some feel as if the HOA guarantees the owner of a consistent curb appeal and hopefully a sustained value.

Let Us Help You!

A good agent will work diligently with your interest at heart. Our real estate team is commited to assisting you with finding the perfect home and guiding you through the process of closing. Our goal is your satisfaction.

By hiring us to help you make this first big purchase, trust that you will be in the hands of a professional with the heart of a teacher and servant. Let's get moving.

Remember your key objectives once we start to look at homes. The term “housewashed” was coined here and that means that sometimes buyers see way to many homes and they all start to blend together into an unrecognizable stew of confusion. In order to avoid this symptom of seeing too many properties, our agents will help whittle down the options by reminding you of the key objectives and features that were important to you before you started the search. This may sound crazy but trust us when we tell you that being “housewashed” is frustrating and can sometimes derail the efforts to finding the perfect home for you.

Choosing the Right Closing Attorney. In Clarksville, the closing process can seem intimidating and local knowledge of our norms is essential. We recommend the services of a few real estate lawyers who have their systems down to a science. Depending on the nature of your transaction, the complexity of the closing will be used to determine the right lawyer to get the sale closed and recorded.

Making an Offer. There are a number of considerations to make and include in an offer to purchase any form of real estate. Earnest money, delivery of deed, inspections, appraisal, time periods, purchase price, etc... Because the average person buys maybe four homes in a lifetime, the average person is not well practiced in the art of making a successful offer. This is why it is important to let us help make sure your I's are dotted and the T's are crossed and your best interest is represented. Don't sweat the offer process, just rely on our service.

Inspections. Who needs em'? EVERYONE buying a home should get an inspection...even if it's a new home. There are countless stories of individuals who opted not to go through with an inspection and regretted that decision after the fact. One key fact to remember is that inspectors often detail the issues with a house to a point that the potential buyer can be intimidated or made afraid with the overwhelming news. We counsel our buyers on how to take the information and make a rational decision as to weather or not to proceed with the transaction. In short, sometimes, not everything on the list is as big of a deal if you understand the nature of the problem.

The Walk Through.Once the offer is accepted, the inspection complete, the repairs made, and the closing is set, we will conduct a final walk through of the property with you. This is to ensure that the details are completed and your new place is ready and waiting for you when you leave the closing table. Take pictures or make a video to commemorate the magnitude of buying your first home! Congrats!

Hopefully you now have a better understanding of the process and we welcome you to let us help with your first purchase of a home. Once you have the keys, we don't stop working for you! Chances are you will need a few if not many of our local vendors and services that we use here in Clarksville. Our home services directory will be a great resource for you as you dwell in your new abode!

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