Our Plan for Marketing Your Home

No great accomplishment comes from dumb luck. We are going to need to a plan to sell your home. Scratch that, we are going to need a CUSTOM plan to sell YOUR home.

1. Focus on Price

There are many factors that will affect the price of your home and a shemstimate just wont get it done. Have you upgraded the counters, added that hot tub pad, replaced the roof, etc...these are just a few of the things we are going to need to know to get this critical part of the equation right. Also, is the neighbor across the street a nuisance? Have the schools been rezoned since you bought the home? Again, there are lots of factors and we need to talk.

2. Condition of the Property

The second most important part of getting your marketing plan together will be the condition of the property. Is the property vacant? Are you in the process of moving? Are there tenants in the property and you have no earthly idea of how they are treating it? See, these are the questions that we need to talk about with regard to condition. Your home is competing against others in the neighborhood and most likely new construction. Our agents know how to assess the condition and make suggestions that will increase the likely hood of your home attracting a buyer in record time. We simply must talk.

3. The Marketing Arsenal

Once we know the condition of the property and have a solid price to work with, its time to let the world know it can and should be bought. We will start with getting quality pictures and/or video your staged or vacant property. Then we will use the media and information we have on the home to begin the process. The marketing mix and options includes direct mail, public open house, agent open house, trade publications, submitting the MLS listing for syndication across thousands of websites, featuring the home on Clarksville.com, using our Facebook page with thousands of likes to spread the news and more. Each home is unique and we may use some or all of the tools we have to get the right mix for your home.

Internet Presence

When we put your home in the MLS the listing will be syndicated to countless sites like Zillow, Realtor, Homes and other dot coms as well as thousands of agent sites with the mls on them. In addition to our syndication groups, we will feature the home on Clarksville.com and send out updates to our fan base of thousands of facebook users who like us. Also, using a few other exclusive sites we own and utilize, there will be almost no one who can not find your home on the internet.

Tracking our Progress.

Before the internet it was based on a gut feeling as to how your agent was doing with regard to getting your home the maximum exposure and assessing the results. Today, thanks to google analytics, we can track with precision the amount of exposure we are getting your home and use that data to adjust the price or condition as needed. Think about it, we can tell you with authority just how many unique eyeballs have looked at your home across multiple sites in real time. With this kind of information at our fingertips, there is no excuse for us not getting your property sold. The old saying “you can argue with me but you can't argue with numbers” has never been more true. Let's get started.

Now that you know all this, contact us to SELL YOUR HOME.

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